And Every Tuesday is Village Mom's Mornings, 10 am til noon.

You might have seen Leo
š (7) and Mateja (3) creeping up your stoop with a little menu and a little card stapled to it.  You might have heard them bickering over who got to open the mail slot.  They came with good tidings!   And the tidings are -- 10% off, EVERY TUESDAY, if you live in the neighborhood!


Come and meet your neighbors and enjoy fine food and drink on Tuesday nights.  Bring your little card with you each time, or bring a bill/letter with your address on it -- 10014 and 10011 get you the 10% off!  And of course, once we know you, you don't need either one cause we'll know you, Neighbor!


  Village Moms Mornings at Doma na rohu

 Come visit with neighbor moms and babies/toddlers in a child-friendly Village spot, Tuesday mornings from 10 am til noon.   
 Doma na rohu, Morton Street at Seventh Avenue, invites moms in the ‘hood for a free coffee or tea with the purchase of any food item every Tuesday from 10 til noon!   The only ID required for the discount is your babe!   
 Just park your stroller outside and join the moms at tables near the Morton Street door.   Afterwards, you can head to one of the many parks that lies within a couple blocks of Doma na rohu — Leroy (and don’t forget the indoor playroom at the library there!), Minetta (great new water play features), shady though grungy Carmine or, a bit farther, Washington Square Park or Bleecker Park.
 See you at Doma na rohu!

 Doma na rohu
 27 1/2 Morton Street at Seventh Avenue
 Open at 7 am on weekdays, 8 am on weekends
 Dinner starts daily at 5 pm