HOLIDAY PARTIES and HOLIDAY CATERING! Pretend you were grating potatoes, smoking brisket and prepping strudels all day! We are proud to substitute for your grammy.  See details below and then just e-mail us on the contact page for more info!

Events -- for $20 to $40 a guest, have ten or twenty guests at Doma, impress them with your ability to choose the homiest yet deliciousest locale for exchanging potentially unwanted Secret Santa gifts. We can help you regift and forget. Or have up to seventy guests and shut the whole place down (generally) for $40 to $50 a guest.


Here's a sample of what you could have delivered to your home, far enough ahead that you can hide all the catering trays. You should be able to have a gorgeously Old World meal for two to twenty guests for $15 to $20 a person!

Gulash and spaetzle

Smoked Brisket

Whole Roasted Ducks or Chickens or Pork Roasts