.3 Liter (11.5 oz) - $5  ~  Half Liter (17oz) - $7 ~   Liter (34oz)-  $14


Pilsner Urquell-Pilsner, 4.4 % alc. (Czech Republic)

Served as it is in the Czech Republic through our special “Prague Faucet” System

A crisp, clean, classic: bitter (but smooth); our fullest-flavored lager; durable foam


Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier-Wheat Lager, 5.4 % alc. (Germany)

A golden-light, smooth “wit-bier”; unfiltered; yeasty-creamy; banana/clove overtones


Krušovice Lager, 5.0 % alc. (Czech Republic)

Hoppy, malty, crisp, dry, refreshing, moderately bitter, golden-orange


Speakeasy, Big Daddy, IPA 6.50 % alc. (California, USA)

Generously hopped; pleasantly bitter; amber with a thick head; slightly citrusy


Riegele, Dunkel Weiss 6.4 % alc (Germany)

Amber color, citrus hop aroma, caramel flavor, medium body


Weinhard IPA, 6.0 % alc. (Hood River, OR, USA)

Smooth, mild; slightly bitter; golden amber color; hoppy-caramel notes


Saratoga Vienna (Amber) Lager, 6.0 % alc.  (CA & NY, USA)

Smooth medium-body lager; faint hops; soft bitterness; refreshing sweetness


Guinness Irish Stout, 4.20 % alc. (Ireland) One size only, 13 oz., $5

Rich, creamy, smooth – no stout in the world tops this one (and we’ve had 4 others)


Black and Tan One size only, 13 oz., $5

 Guinness mixed with any lager above



McKenzie Green Apple Cider (gluten-free),12 oz. (NY, USA),   $5

Brunhaut Amber (gluten-free), 12 oz. (Belgium),   $8

Clausthaler (non-alc.), 12 oz. (Germany), $5