Monday - Friday 7 am til 11:45 am

Eggs As You Like, 8.50 How: Scrambled, fried, in a frame, soft-boiled or as a sandwich

Choose two: bacon, sausage ($2 extra), ham, gouda, greens, homefries, miche or 7-grain toast

Frittata of the Day, 9.
Made to order, served with side salad

Hash-and-egg, 9.
Potato-brisket hash, poached egg atop

Murray’s Bagel with Salmon, 10.
House-cured salmon, cream cheese, red onions, capers


Bacon, 3. Sausage, 5. Toast, 2. Home Fries, 4. Tomato or Cucumber, 1.

Doma’s Famous Oatmeal, 5.
It’s Toasted! Served with steamed milk. Add some fresh fruit over top, 3.

Granola, 5.50 With milk or yogurt. Add fresh fruit, 3.

Greek Yogurt with Seasonal Fresh Fruit, 6.

Fresh Fruit Salad, 6.

French Toast, 8.50
A dash of cinnamon within, with fresh fruit, local maple syrup

Babichka, 10.
French Toast, Cream Cheese within, like Grandma Ruth made it. fresh fruit, local maple syrup



Little Egg Sandwich, 5.50
One egg, sunny-side up or omelet style (Add bacon or ham, 2. Add sausage, 4.

Murray’s Bagel, 2.50 With cream cheese or butter (Add tomato or cucumber and salt and pepper, 1.)

Banana, Banana-Chocolate Chip, Zucchini or Pumpkin Bread, 3.

Fresh-baked Croissants - Plain, 2. Chocolate, 3.

Computers permitted weekdays, 8 am - 5 pm, if we don’t need the table for diners. Sorry, no plugging in. Kindly use your cell phone out of doors.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. 20% Gratuity is automatically added to parties of 5 or more You may buy your lovely Boleslawiec Polish Pottery cup (15.) or teapot (25.)
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